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Advanced Audio Concepts

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NEW!! Random Audiophile Axioms: "Education is what remains after you've forgotten everything you learned in school."

NEW !! Particle Accelerator Ion Gun, a Tourmaline based ionizer for CDs and cables, etc. This is Machina Dynamica's updated version of the Xionic Tourmo Gun of some years ago from Xtreme AV. We have the kind permission of Xtreme AV to produce the Particle Accelerator Ion Gun. Price $125. Now available in several different colors and styles.

Machina Dynamica's Particle Accelerator Ion Gun, Silver/Black

Machina Dynamica's Particle Accelerator Ion Gun, Hot Pink (retractable cord)

NEW!! Machina Dynamica's VibraBlock Damper - The biggest thing since chunky style peanut butter -- a 4"x4" constrained layer damper, 1" thick. VibraBlock is a powerful vibration damping device for use on top of CD transports, CD players, top of amps, top of headphone amp transformer enclosure, on shelves of audio racks, top of speaker cabinets, on maple boards, on the top plate of isolation platforms and other horizontal surfaces. Not for use on vertical surfaces OR hot surfaces. A unique combination of very stiff, medium-density and viscoelastic materials provides unprecedented vibrational energy damping without over-damping. VibraBlock weighs 1 lb. VibraBlock reduces seismic, airborne and self-induced vibration. $44 each.

Constrained layer damping is used to reduce vibration in stiff structures and other areas where vibration occurs in the system. A sandwich is formed by placing a viscoelastic layer between constraining stiff layers. When the system flexes during vibration shear strains develop in the viscoelastic layer and energy is lost through shear deformation of the material.

VibraBlock constrained layer damper on Woo Audio WA6 Headphone Amplifier transformer enclosure.

VibraBlock Customer Comment
"The VibraBlock Dampers are a significant upgrade when placed on a horizontal surface supporting a speaker or supporting a component. I've noted elimination of any traces of treble glare which makes so many more recordings listenable. Clarity and intelligibility of lyrics vastly improved, together with incredible pitch accuracy and positioning of voices, instruments, or other sounds within a three dimensional sound field. Since I have previously reported how well your other ideas already contributed to natural and realistic sound, these further improvements are unexpectedly dramatic."

NEW!! Cryo Baby!! Baby Promethean High Performance Mini Isolators Now Cryogenically Treated. Exceptional vibration isolation for only $16 per isolator. Low-profile Baby Prometheans (1" compressed height) provide outstanding lateral support and isolation from structureborne vibration. The perfect vibration isolation solution anywhere and especially where space is limited. 3 Cryo Baby Prometheans support up to 40 lb. 6 Cryo Baby Prometheans support 80 lb. Absolute level of the component is achieved by slight adjustments to one or more spring. The big advantage of using this independent suspension technique is that very low resonant frequencies can be obtained for the isolation system, even for very high loads.

Cryo Baby Prometheans - The Art of Isolation

Customer Comment: "I'd like to say that the baby promethean isolators are amazing! I preloaded them with a slab of granite and my god the music just opened up in a huge way... so much so that I'm selling my audiophile footers that cost a fair bit more."

Cryo Baby Prometheans

NEW!! FREE sample of Dark Matter CD spray with Free Shipping. Enough to treat 10 CDs. Dark Matter is the first and only audio product to address invisible infrared scattered laser light. For use on label side of CD only. Instructions included.

New!! Quark! for Power Cord Plugs, etc. - 1/16" 3x4" sheet + 1/8" 3x4" sheet pure natural Grade AAA cork for damping power cord plugs, fuse holders, capacitors, etc. This natural cork is superior to the particle board and composite varieties of cork that contain binders, adhesives, etc. found at Home Depot, Michaels Crafts, etc. Instructions included. $29 for two sheets.

New!! Quark! Printed Circuit Board (PCB) tweak - 6x4 inch 1/8" thick sheet of pure natural Grade AAA cork for damping and isolating printed circuit boards (and other things). Enough for an entire CD player. Instructions for Quark! included. $29.

Quark! Pure natural cork sheet

Quark! Customer Comments - Nothing else I could have done would have yielded this result - no equipment, no cable upgrade, no room treatment, etc."

Now Available!! BLU MATTER Scattered Blu Laser Light Absorber for BLU RAY. 3/4" adhesive-backed silver disc is attached to underside of the Blu Ray player tray. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. $39.

Blu Matter 3/4" Disc with Foil Wrapper and Plastic Container

NEWS!! SUPER INTELLIGENT CHIP. Permanent audio and video upgrade for CD, SACD, DVD. Each Super Intelligent Chip treats 14 discs. $29 each. Better Living Through Quantum Mechanics.

How the Intelligent Chip Works - The Definitive Explanation

NEWS!! SUPER INTELLIGENT CHIP FOR BLU RAY. Permanent audio and video upgrade for Blu Ray discs. Each Super Intelligent Chip treats 14 BLU RAY discs. $29 each. Artificial ingredients.

NEW!! Ultra Signature Version of The Clever Little Clock - now with Duracell Quantum batteries. $299. The Clever Little Clock improves the sound and video when placed anywhere in the room. Batteries are user replaceable.

The Real Story of How the Clever Little Clock Works

Ultra Signature Version of The Clever Little Clock

BRAND NEW!!! OFF THE CHARTS!! DARK MATTER Optical Coating for CDs, a transparent emerald green spray coating CD treatment, for the label side ONLY. Spray onto CD label with 4 pumps and allow 5 minutes to dry. Quick-drying Dark Matter dries clear as a long-lasting thin film. Dark Matter absorbs the invisible near infrared portion of the scattered CD laser light. The scattered laser light fills up the entire inside of the CD transport compartment so the CD label is a very convenient place to apply Dark Matter. Dark Matter can also be applied to the top surface of the CD tray for additional benefits. Improvements to the sound include much lower noise and distortion, a much larger and deeper soundstage, effortless dynamics, deep, clean and explosive bass, greater drive/propulsiveness. 3 OZ spray bottle treats 125 CDs, $99. Sample spray bottle of Dark Matter treats 10 CDs, $20.

Dark Matter CD Optical Spray

NEW!! Dark Matter White Paper Dark Matter Optical Coating Description and Theory


"First, and most startling, was a large apparent increase in dynamic range. At the p-to-pppp end, the musical subtleties that were not audible, or barely so, prior to using DM were now more plainly there, though still in dynamic scale with the rest of the music, while on the f-to-ffff end...well, the first time I applied DM I was listening late at night with windows open, and I was concerned that the loudness increase might disturb the neighbors. Loud was seriously louder, while not at all burying or obscuring the soft and subtle sounds. Needless to say, I'd not touched the volume control. Second, and this may be related to the increased dynamic range, transients of all sorts - from drums to plucked instruments to brass to vocals - were more pronounced, snappier, as it were, adding to the sense of musical realism. The 'startle' effects used by many musicians and composers were, well, more startling, even on well-known pieces where I knew exactly what was coming." - October 2013

"On every single DM-treated disc, the results were the same: lower distortion across the board. This means better low level and high level details, better dynamics, better timbre and tone, better resolution and definition in every category, better PRAT, better and faster bass, and a bigger, better-defined soundstage. Hell, just better everything." - August 2013

"Outstanding product. It makes my $2.2k Pioneer Elite blu ray player (playing redbook CDs) sound better than my ____ (I'm afraid to say the name). Wow! This is the way CDs were always supposed to sound. I can't believe the improved imaging, resolution and lower distortion. The bass is really improved ...didn't think my REL would go there." - July 2013

NEW Spectrum Purifier White Paper CD treatment using colored pens

BRAND NEW!!! Spectrum Purifier coloring pens for CD. $29 set of 4 pens, includes instructions.

Spectrum Purifier CD Coloring System Theory of Operation

BRAND NEW!!! Blu Spectrum Purifier for Blu Ray discs. Set of 4 pens, includes instructions, $29.

Blu Spectrum Purifier Coloring System for Blu Ray Discs.

BRAND NEW!! Codename Turquoise II - New and improved version of our color-coded CD tray masking device. Codename Turquoise II dispenses with the turquoise rings, it is now a comprehensive system of ultra-thin semi-permanent adhesive-backed color coded dots that are applied to the top surface of the CD tray. Codename Turquoise II can also be used for top-loaders on the area of the transport below the spinning disc. The sound with Codename Turquoise II is supremely open, detailed, dynamic, focused and balanced. Especially effective when used with CDs that have been colored with our Spectrum Purifier CD Coloring Kit. Instructions included. $29

BRAND NEW!! Codename Top Banana II for Blu Ray - New and improved version of our color-coded Blu Ray tray masking device. Codename Top Banana II dispenses with the yellow rings, it is now a comprehensive system of ultra-thin semi-permanent adhesive-backed color-coded dots that are applied to the top surface of the Blu Ray player tray. Especially effective when used with Blu Ray discs that have been colored with our Blu Spectrum Purifier Blu Ray Coloring Kit. Instructions included. $29

Large, Mini and Mikro Brilliant Pebbles resonance control devices. Large Brilliant Pebbles is for top of large speaker cabinets, top of output transformer, top of tube traps, and in room corners on the floor. Brilliant Pebbles employ high quality crystals, both semiprecious and precious. Large $99 each. Mini Brilliant Pebbles for top of CD player above spinning disc, taped to large windows, on top of small speaker cabinets, on armboards of turntables, on top of output transformers. Mini $59 each. Mikro Brilliant Pebbles $29 for RCA jacks, on top of CD player over spinning disc, in proximity to small electron tubes, taped to windows and glass doors, on power cord plugs, etc.

Large Brilliant Pebbles


Mini Brilliant Pebbles, each one unique.

Brilliant Pebbles, $29 Mikro size, $59 Mini size, $99 Large size.

Brilliant Pebbles Theory of Operation - "Power to the Pebble"

Brilliant Pebbles Description & Applications

Customer Comment - "Holy crap!!"

NEW!! Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device for all cables, interconnects, TV electrical cord, etc. Improves audio and video. Special order only. $39 each.

BRAND NEW!! Sonic Tonic Anti-Static Spray for CDs, cables, glass, etc. $29.

BRAND NEW!!! Flying Saucers RFI blockers for Wall Outlets. RFI blockers for all unused outlets, including non-audio outlets. Copper foil covered plastic inserts. There can be a delayed reaction of up to two hours for the effects to fully manifest. Audio and video picture enhancement. $12 each.

"Flying Saucers for Wall Outlets most recently tried and even more beneficial than the original type already applied on windows. This tweak works to upgrade all aspects of my different systems at very low cost. So far, takes first place among your ideas designed to reveal more capability from existing components without inducing any negative or detracting effect." - Customer, July 2013

"The wall inserts did further the focus, resolution, and clarity of the sound." - Customer, June 2013

BRAND NEW!!! Flying Saucers for Windows. Copper Foils, one per window. These small copper foils appear to operate on grounding RFI. We are still collating. Start with windows in listening room and move outward to windows in other rooms. Improves audio and video. 4 Flying Saucers for only $20.

Customer Comment - "Tiny copper foil Flying Saucers are the single greatest tweak I have ever tried. A revolutionary single agent total system upgrade/optimizer. Must hear it to believe it possible. Totally surprising."

Customer Comment - "I have to tell you, these things resulted in a phenomenal improvement." - Feb 2013

NEW!!! Quantum Temple Bell, handheld Tibetan brass bell that improves audio and video when rung in strategic locations around the room. Instructions for use provided. $129 each.

NEW!!!! Codename White Poppy Acoustic Resonator. Ceramic tiny bowl type acoustic resonator. From one to six per room. Includes instructions for use and hardware for hanging on wall. Diameter of bowl approx. 1". $129 each

Codename White Poppy

BRAND NEW!!! CD Re-Animator Multicolor Stroboscopic Light Gun for CD, DVD, SACD, Blu Ray discs. $139.

NEW!!! Frog Jump in Water Sound Tweak (Bowls of Water). Using ordinary water. $29, includes instructions + 4 plastic bowls.

Frog Jump in Water Sound Tweak (Bowls of Water)

NEW!!! Blue Meanies for room walls, one per wall, $25 each.

Also Green Meanie for ceiling, $25 each.

Blue Meanies and Green Meanies

NEW!!!Diamond Crystal Light High Frequency Clarifier. With red string and tack for hanging the crystal. $39 each.

Teleportation Tweak. Must call Machina Dynamica to obtain over the phone. Takes 20 seconds. $60.

Teleportation Tweak

Customer Comment - "I noted a vast improvement in depth and staging. The tone is pure, correct-sounding and natural. In fact, I have never heard sound so real. The Teleportation Tweak is a thing of indescribable beauty." - Customer, Sept 2007 "

Tru Tone Duplex Covers for audio and non-audio wall outlets. Also effective for unused outlets. White ceramic. $30 each.

Tru Tone Duplex Covers

NEW!!!! The Mind Lamp from Psyleron in conjunction with International Consciousness Research Laboratories, Princeton, NJ - Mind-Matter Interaction lamp, non-audio ambiant light device, includes 50 page instruction booklet. $209.