Machina Dynamica's

Baby Promethean Mini Isolators - The Art of Isolation

Baby Promethean Mini Isolators - Now Cryogenically Treated!


Super Stiff Springs for Really Heavy Things. 4 Super Stiff Springs will isolate components such as amps, turtnables, subwoofers weighing between 75 and 150 lb. For even heavier items simply add more springs.

OK, back to the Baby Prometheans -- Machina Dynamica's Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolator - is a cryogenically treated high-performance hardened high carbon steel compression spring for isolating audio components from structureborne vibration. Three Baby Prometheans can isolate a component weighing up to 30 lb. Heavier components can also be isolated by using a sufficient number of springs, one spring for each 10 lb.

Spring Diameter 1 inch, uncompressed Height 1.5 inches, compressed Height 1 inch. Their low profile and outstanding LATERAL STABILITY allow Baby Prometheans to be placed directly underneath the component. Recommended load is 25-30 lb for set of 3 springs. When isolating lighter components like CD players the set of springs should be PRE-LOADED with a slab of flagstone, granite or marble or a 2 inch thick maple board might suffice. In many cases, three or four 12X12 marble or ceramic tiles from Home Depot can be stacked to achieve the desired load. See PHOTO below. Each spring rated at 10 lb, so 5 springs are required to isolate a 50 lb component.

The structureborne vibration that causes the problem for electronics and electromechanical devices such as turntables is produced by a number of things, including local traffic, subways, wind forces on tall buildings, wave action on the shore, acoustic feedback from speakers and microseismic vibration of the Earth's crust. Structureborne vibration almost always has very low frequency components in the range 0 to 20 Hz, with considerable energy below 5 Hz, which is why some complications of the isolation system design are necessary to obtain very low resonant frequencies. The mass-on-spring isolator acts as a low pass filter with the attenuation of vibration starting at the resonant frequency.

Seismic vibration producing motion of building structure
in multiple directions, including twisting.

Baby Prometheans can isolate VERY HEAVY components; however, due to center of gravity considerations a large 24X30 hardwood plate should placed under the very heavy component with the springs placed in a wide pattern under the hardwood plate. For example, 10 springs required to isolate an amplifier weighing 100 lb.

Baby Prometheans should ALWAYS be placed on a hard surface. Baby Promethean Mini Isolators are intended for tube and solid state amplifiers, CD players, DACs, turntables, etc. Price $13 each.

Baby Prometheans isolating Bada PH-12 Hybrid SET Headphone Amp
and Oppo 103. White marble tiles are used to build up the total load
to 30 lb for set of three springs or 40 lb for a set of four springs.

Illustrating a different configuration using larger
white marble tiles to obtain higher mass and 4 Baby Prometheans along with
NASA grade ceramic Super DH Cones supporting the isolating structure.