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Machina Dynamica's Codename Turquoise
Scattered Laser Light Absorber for CD Players

Codename Turquoise 2-Ring Version for CD Tray

"The improvement is big to huge." - customer

"Clearly the best, least expensive tweak I've used in the last 30+ years." - customer

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New & Improved!! Codename Turquoise now comes Ready Made --
Two Pre-cut Rings that fit the two inner circular areas of the CD Tray.
Also available as single Pre-cut Ring for Top Loaders.

Codename Turquoise, a revolutionary new product from Machina Dynamica, is a CD tray masking system designed to absorb scattered background laser light, thus dramatically improving the optical performance of your CD, SACD or DVD player. The location of Codename Turquoise - in close proximity to the CD and the CD laser - ensures optimum scattered light absorption. Codename Turquoise is attached to the top surface of the CD tray using the semi-permanent, removeable adhesive provided. For top-loaders, a single precut ring is attached to the surface of the player's transport around the CD spindle.

Theory of Operation
Laser light is diffracted and scattered while the laser is reading the physical data. Diffraction occurs when the CD laser beam strikes the edges of the physical "pits" of the data and to a certain extent as the laser beam travels up and down through the clear polycarbonate layer. This scattered light is coherent - i.e., in the form of waves. These light waves produce reinforcement peaks that interfere with the primary, direct-reflected laser signal. Thus, the CD player's photodetector is constantly picking up "False Positives" since it doesn't discriminate between the "real signals" reflected back from the metal layer and the "false signals" of the scattered light peaks. False Positives occur whenever the background light intensity exceeds the threshold of the photodetector (about 75% power of the primary laser beam). Codename Turquoise virtually eliminates these False Positives, allowing the optical reading of the disc to be virtually 100% efficient, for clearer, more dynamic, more realistic sound -- like the master tape.

NEW!! Codename Turquoise for Top Loaders - one-piece ring fits the area around the CD spindle with cut-out for laser assembly. $59 + shipping.

NOTE: Use Machina Dynamica's Codename Top Banana For all Blu Ray and HD-DVD players.

Codename Turquoise Masking Kit consists of 2 Pre-cut Rings of Special Color-Coded Paper and a semi-permanent adhesive for securing the rings on the CD tray. The adhesive will not harm the CD tray surface and the paper rings can be easily removed at a later date if desired.

NOTE 1 - The Rings will fit a "standard" CD tray perfectly; however, for some CD trays, the tips of the rings might have to be trimmed slightly so as not to interfere with laser reading of data. NOTE 2: One Marantz CD player tray uses a special silver paint that is known to react with the semi-permanent adhesive provided in the Masking Kit; therefore, Codename Turquoise cannot be used with that particular Marantz CD player. NOTE 3: Some CD burners and Universal players do not provide sufficient clearance in the tray area to apply the Codename Turquoise material.

Codename Turquoise 2 Ring version (for CD, SACD and DVD Players), $59 + shipping

Codename Turquoise 1 Ring version for Top-Loaders, $59 + shipping.