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Machina Dynamica's Teleportation Tweak
Long-Distance Audio and Video System Enhancement
The Only Audio Product that doesn't Require Shipping

Copyright 2007 ... Geoff Kait, Machina Dynamica

Machina Dynamica's Teleportation Tweak $60

Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rolled around their shores ... Burning with the fires of Orc.

The Teleportation Tweak comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

How the Teleportation Tweak Works

Buy The Teleportation Tweak with Paypal or check/MO (payable to Geoff Kait) prior to calling Machina Dynamica via landline or cell phone. For Paypal payment use the Paypal button above.

"I noted a vast improvement in depth and staging. The tone is pure,
correct-sounding and natural. In fact, I have never heard sound so real.
The Teleportation Tweak is a thing of indescribable beauty."
- Customer, Sept 2007

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Geoff Kait -- Aerospace Engineering (theoretical fluid dynamics and propulsion, statistical thermodynamics, nuclear physics, indeterminate structures). Undergrad thesis: Preliminary design of low-thrust engine for interplanetary travel utilizing momentum transfer mechanisms in highly magnetic metal crystal bombarded by high-energy ions. Work experience: satellite operations; radar data analysis; aerodynamics of high-performance aircraft; reentry vehicle dynamics; radio communications; satellite communications; spread spectrum communications. He incorporated Machina Dynamica in 1998; he designed Nimbus Sub-Hertz Isolation Platform, Promethean Base, Baby Promethean Mini Isolators, Brilliant Pebbles, Tru-Tone Duplex Covers, Codename Turquoise II CD Tray Masking Kit, Codename Top Banana II Blu Ray Tray Masking Kit, the Teleportation Tweak, Clever Little Clock, Codename White Poppy, Codename Blue Meanies, Frog Jump in Water Tweak, The Super Intelligent Chip, the Diamond Light Crystal High Frequency Clarifier, Spectrum Purifier CD Coloring System, Blu Spectrum Purifier Blu Ray Coloring System, Flying Saucers for Windows, Flying Saucers for Wall Outlets, Pretzel Logic Reef Knot Device, Dark Matter CD Optical Coating and the Ultra Signature Version of the Clever Little Clock. He is the Author of How the Intelligent Chip Works - The Definitive Explanation and The Real Story of How the Clever Little Clock Works.

The Teleportation Tweak is a phenomenal invention discovered and developed by Machina Dynamica for improving audio and video systems remotely over long distances. The fundamental principles of operation of The Teleportation Tweak are quantum teleportation and mind-matter interaction. The operational details of the Teleportation Tweak are the proprietary property of Machina Dynamica.

The Teleportation Tweak is independent of distance and will work anywhere in the world you happen to be located. We have performed The Teleportation Tweak many times for distances between 1000 and 4000 miles, even for distances greater than 10,000 miles. The Teleportation Tweak works equally well using your landline phone or cell phone.

The Teleportation Tweak has a profound effect on the sound and video picture: (1) Clearer, (2) More information, (3) Greater frequency extension and (4) Lower distortion. The Teleportation Tweak is obtained during a phone call to Machina Dynamica from your landline phone or cell phone; you can make the call from any room in your house. The audio or video system does not have to be ON at the time the call is made. The tweak itself takes about 20 seconds and will sound like a series of mechanical pulses. You can listen to the Teleportation Tweak over the phone or you can set the phone down, your call. :-)

The Teleportation Tweak will also improve any video system in your house, including plasma, LED, and high end projection systems -- better contrast, color saturation, color fidelity and definition.

It is not necessary for your audio or video system to be ON at the time of the telephone call. However, for ease of A/B comparing the Teleportation Tweak before and after the telephone call, you should turn the audio and/or video system ON prior to the call and allow it to warm up the customary time. Then you can evaluate a few favorite tracks before and after The Teleportation Tweak is performed. You can also evaluate the picture quality of the video system before and after the call.

You will find that the effects of The Teleportation Tweak are instantaneous and that the improvement to sound quality is immediately audible. In fact, if the system is playing at the time of the telephone call, you will be able to hear the improvement taking place while The Teleportation Tweak is being performed. You will find The Teleportation Tweak excels in 3-dimensionality, lushness, inner detail and air. The picture quality of any video system in the house will also be improved -- better contrast and integrity of color and blacker black. You will especially notice better skin tones, saturation of colors, shininess of surfaces, textures of fabrics, etc.