Video conference AES Hello, I'm Geoff Kait and my company is Machina Dynamica.

Thanks to Tommy for inviting me.

The title of this presentation is,

What's Wrong with CDs and Why do they Sound so Horrible?

What I will talk about today:

Brief history of Machina Dynamica

A discussion of some of my products

I will do the Teleportation Tweak later during the video conference to see if it affects the sound or video picture. The teleportation tweak is something I usually do over the phone. This will be the first time the Teleportation Tweak has been performed during a video conference.

I will do a show and tell with a few of my products.

There will be a question and answer period at the end of my presentation. You can also ask questions any time during the presentation.

Machina Dynamica was incorporated 1998

My web site is

- education UVA Aerospace Engineering

- work experience: NASA, USAF, FAA

- satellite communications, aerodynamics, radar tracking data analysis

- My first product was the Nimbus Unipivot single air spring isolation platform 0.5 Hz resonant frequency

- 6 degree of freedom isolation, x,y,z and three rotational directions

- single air spring

- lateral support system required due to floppiness of single air spring

- max load 40 lb

- Mapleshade recording studio at CES consumer electronics show high end audio 1977 with Nimbus

- Brilliant Pebbles crystals debuted HI FI Show London 2003 - for audio three sizes various sizes and types of crystals

- clever little clock 2005

- Super Intelligent Chip 2012 - quantum dots - the original chip was placed on top of the CD player and a CD was

played for 2 seconds. My chip is inserted into the player along with the CD and the CD is played for 2 seconds (long

enough for the laser to come on). Each Super Intelligent Chip treats 14 CDs. The reason the Intelligent Chip runs out

of stream is the CD laser photobleaches the quantum dots, changing the chips' emitted photons' wavelength.

My most recent article, earlier this year

1. What's wrong with CDs and why do they sound so terrible?

This is the Show & Tell portion of the presentation:

Some of my products:

Brilliant pebbles - 3 sizes

Super intelligent chip unwrap

Dark matter and CD coloring pens - beyond the green Pen

Spectrum Purifier CD Coloring Pens

Laser light scattering inside the CD transport is produced by the CD laser light traveling through the polycarbonate

layer both ways and by hitting the physical data. The scattered light can get into the photodetector where it is

misinterpreted as real signal. Optical performance can be improved by reducing the background scattered light.

For CDs there is both visible red scattered light and invisible infrared scattered light.

- show DIAGRAM of electromagnetic spectrum and where the CD laser wavelength of 780 nm is located.

- bandwidth of CD laser est. 600 nm to 800 nm...from 700 to 800 nm is

Near Infrared, i.e., invisible. between 600 and 700 nm is RED or shade of red.

- color wheel shows complement of red, indigo (SHOW COLOR wheel) complement of red is cyan or turquoise,

complement of indigo is yellow

- for Blu Ray the laser wavelength is 405 nm Indigo so the colors of the pens for Blu Ray are a little different.

The CD coloring pens are black, turquoise, orange and purple. Turquoise or Cyan is the color complement of RED.

The colors purple (violet) and orange are mysterious since they are not color complements of red.

Dark Matter is the only audio product to address the actual CD laser wavelength - infrared 780 nm (invisible light).

Colors cannot influence infrared light as they can for light in the visible part of the spectrum - there is no

color complement for 780 nm. Dark matter is a chemical, the color of dark matter (green) is a coincidence. Dark matter

is sprayed onto the label side of the CD then allowed to dry. The thin film remaining is the infrared light absorber.

Ultra Signature Clever Little Clock

Placed anywhere in the room, battery powered. The explanation for how the Clever Little Clock works was written by May

Belt and me in 2009 and can be found on my web site.

Brilliant Pebbles

Here are the three Brilliant Pebbles sizes. Each size has its own set of applications - in room corners on the floor

to glass windows, to top of Speakers to top of CD player.

Next up, a demonstration of the Teleportation Tweak. I will try this over the video conference now. The longest

distance I have done this is 10,000 miles. The Teleportation Tweak Improves both sound and video picture.

It is permanent. This takes about 20 seconds and is irreversible...

--- Do the Teleportation Tweak Here --

Ask if anyone sees or hears an improvement?

Questions and answers period 15 minutes.... The article, What's Wrong with CDs and Why do they Sound So Horrible? can be found on my web site and contains much of

what I covered in this presentation.

What I'm doing now: the Sony Walkman Cassette player project. Initial results are that a stock twenty year old cassette

player sounds better than most high end digital systems I've heard.

Show the Hot Rodded Sony Cassette Player

Any more questions?

Thank you.