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NEW!! Flying Saucers for Windows on Afterburners, one per window. $25 each

NEW!! MACHINA DYNAMICAs ACOUSTIC RESONATOR - Brass, Hardwood and Crystal. $99 each.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS FOR FLYING SAUCERS FOR WINDOWS - I bought these completely on a lark, because I have read about Machina Dynamica products for years and thought they were a ridiculous scam. however, as there have been so many positive transactions i figured what-the-hell. Long story short: despite my negative expectations, these things work. and it is not subtle. there is an easily noticeable improvement in my system. I hear things in pieces music I have listened to for over 40 years. I know all the musical cues, where they come in, what information is there. With these things there is more. Perhaps its some psycho-acoustic suggestion, perhaps its explicable. I just dont know. but i do know they make a very good system sound better. i sure would like to know why.

NEW!! New Dark Matter Optical Treatment for CD Players


OMG!!....This is Huge!....Better resolution top to bottom....More bass detail and impact....Light years ahead!

New Dark Matter White Paper

The Quicker Picker-Upper

Copyright January 2019 Geoff Kait

Have you ever wondered why so many CDs sound thin, metallic, dynamically compressed, bland, generic, congealed, uninvolving, whimpy, electronic, analytical, two dimensional, lifeless, distorted, sour, synthetic, rolled off, thuddy, strident, and like paper mache? All of that is about to change.

New Dark Matter NDM, the newest product from Machina Dynamica, is the only audio product that absorbs both visible scattered laser light and invisible scattered light in CD players, thereby improving optical signal to noise ratio, thus improving sound quality. The CD laser nominal wavelength is 780 nm, which is about 80 nm longer than the longest visible red wavelength, 700 nm. The laser is not monochromatic but has an effective wavelength range of around 650-850 nm. This means most of the laser light, and scattered light, is INVISIBLE. The portion of the laser light below 700 nm is visible red, presumably as a safety feature.

The scattering of the laser light occurs when the laser beam strikes the physical nanoscale data on the CD. Then, scattered light reflects off surfaces inside the CD transport container, lighting up the interior like a Christmas tree. The Green Pen and other similar audiophile products (including our own Codename Turquoise tray treatment) affect the sound because they absorb scattered visible RED light. But most of the scattered light - around 75% - is INVISIBLE and not amenable to absorption by ANY color, including green, turquoise, or even black.

The color black is ineffective for absorbing infrared light; for CDs black is effective only (rpt only) for the inner edge. When black is used for the CD outer edge or the CD label it hurts the sound. NDM absorbs the color RED and all other visible colors. The colors of the CD label graphics can interact with the scattered laser light, so it should not be surprising if visible colors other than red comprise the scattered light spectrum. NDM is applied to the top surface of the player tray, where it will be in proximity to where the laser reads the physical data on the disc. No other modifications or tweaks downstream or in the room can recover from the degradation to the sound which occurs in a millionth of a second. NDM reveals information that cannot be recovered any other way.

The CD laser light scattering occurs when the laser strikes the nano-scale physical pits that represent part of the data on the CD. The nano-scale physical pits create a diffraction grating. The other physical part of the data is the lands, which reflect the laser beam directly to the photodetector. The pits do not reflect light because the geometry of the pits and laser beam causes light wave cancellation. The actual digital data, i.e., ones and zeros, is derived from the lengths of the pits and lands AND their SEQUENCE. Under normal circumstances scattered light that is a high percentage of the full reflected laser power can often be detected as real signal by the photodetector. For whatever reason, errors produced by scattered light inside the transport getting into the photodetector are not corrected by the Reed-Solomon error detection/correction codes. The benefit of such a large reduction in visible and invisible background scattered light is a marked increase in signal to (noise + distortion) ratio. All improvements to the optical reading process are multiplied by a factor of two downstream. There is no substitute for Signal to Noise Ratio.

NDM is comprised of 10 super-thin plastic squares that are attached to the top surface of the CD tray with super-thin double-sided tape. Total thickness less than 1/32 inch. The CD rests on top of NDM when the CD is first placed on the tray but the spinning CD does not contact NDM.


All of our springs will come cryogenically treated, not only the Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators but also the Super Stiff Springs for very heavy components.

NEW PRODUCT: SUPER STIFF BABY PROMETHEAN MINI ISOLATORS - FOR ISOLATING REALLY HEAVY THINGS. Super Stiff Springs are rated at 30 lb each plus or minus. These super strong springs allow use of granite or marble slabs under the component. Now isolating things like Verdier turntables, big VPI turntables, heavy subwoofers or heavy amplifiers is a snap. The Super Stiff Baby Promethean spring is 2 inches tall uncompressed (1.3 inch compressed) and 1.5 inch outside diameter.

Morphic Message Labels, comes in a sheet of 80 CLEAR Easy Peel adhesive backed lables with morphic messages in red ink, each label 2/3 inch by 1 3/4 inch. Morphic Message Labels go on ANY and ALL BAR CODES on the jewel box of all CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, as well as any and all Bar Codes on LPs and books - i.e., all media. Labels should also go on any and all COMPACT DISC DIGITAL AUDIO logos that appear on jewel boxes and on CDs themselves. Labels should also go on ALL BAR CODES anywhere in the house - on food packages, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, etc. Many different messages to choose from, one message per sheet. Morphic Message Labels are based on the Peter Belt Red X Pen and Gold Message Foil. Permission was granted for this Morphic Message Label project by Peter and May Belt of PWB Electronics. $30 per sheet of 80 labels. if you order three sheets of labels each sheet will contain a different morphic message. Instructions included.

Ultra Signature Version of the Clever Little Clock


Super Stiff Springs

Morphic Message Labels, 80 per sheet


Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators

Brilliant Pebbles


Teleportation Tweak


Quantum Temple Bell Room Treatment

Quark! Pure Natural Cork for Damping Capacitors & Circuit Boards

Flying Saucers for Windows

Flying Saucers for Wall Outlets

Tru Tone Duplex Outlet Cover

Acoustic Resonators - hardwood, crystal and brass bowl